Business Basics Video

Currently includes videos on variety of business topics. More info.
CPA Advice Finance Fundamentals Making Money Online
Internet Marketing Videos

Includes 2 hour-long interviews with SEO experts & 3 half-day seminars. More info
Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing
Interview with SEO Expert 1 Interview with SEO Expert 2
Self Interest Videos Currently includes investment related topics – how to be a better communicator and how to settle disputes without going to court.  More info. 
Interpersonal Communication Conflict Mediation Foreclosure Basics
Buying Foreclosed Homes
General Interest Videos From Egypt – to Ukraine – to China – citizens are becoming Citizen Journalists. Victims demand a "victim justice system" equal to the "criminal justice system". Learn how the National Science Foundation funds and participates in major discoveries that help the whole world. More info.
Citizen Journalism NC Victim Assistance Network Welcome To NSF
Marketing Basics Videos
Not yet available.  Will be added as produced.  Includes over a dozen Marketing topics. Internet Marketing Videos are listed separately above.  More info.
Marketing Results Marketing Offers Direct Mail Basics
Inbound & Outbound Marketing Marketing Testing The Markets of Marketing
Profitable Marketing Marketing Planning Copywriting for Direct Marketing
Direct Marketing Fundamentals Online Direct Marketing The Purchase Decision Making Process (PDMP)


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