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Asking questions like this?

o What is Twitter? Reddit? Blogspot? Blogger?
o What is Ning? Howcast? Likes? DIGG? LiveJournal?

Then this online video seminar is what you need.

What you'll learn – Social Media Marketing Topics include:

1. What IS Social Media? or Social Media Marketing?
2. Why is social media is mandatory for Internet Marketing?
3. What distinguishes social media marketing from other forms of internet marketing?
4. What does being a Social Media Manager look like?
5. Typical results performance for unpaid social media marketing campaigns.
7. Online reputation management – keeping your act clean – or cleaning it up..

o Social Networks
Sharing promotional content in Facebook – MySpace – LinkedIn and other social media.
o Social Media Campaigns
Specific lead generation offer tools for optimizing niche media.
o Social Media Economics
Balancing Social Media Marketing costs and revenues.
o Social Media Marketing
The process of selling products through various online social networks.
o Social Media Marketing People
Skills required for creating and managing social media marketing.
o Social Media Performance Measures
How to measure – analyze and improve social media marketing.Check out sample links up above.

Learn how RIGHT NOW! Online video lets YOU control when and where YOU learn.

This 6 part 2.5 hour online class is loaded with valuable information.