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The Online Promise.

Matt Promise – a former high school physics teacher runs Promise SEO Marketing which has recently relocated to Florida. We wish Matt the best and hope he can share is SEO expertise with Internet Marketers in Florida. Reach Matt through his website Contact Page at

Matt's experience and qualifications:
>>> 10+ year's experience with Computer Programming – Mathematics – Science Research – Teaching – Instructional Content Development and Public Speaking.
>>> 2 year's experience with search and retrieval software technology development.
>>> Certified in 2004 and 2009 in Advanced Search Engine Optimization Marketing by Search Engine Workshops.

In three separate half-hour interviews Matt discusses subjects listed below
o Need to understand what is SEO and how it works?
o "Must do" first steps to take before you make your own website.
o Major parts of Online Marketing and which are impacted by SEO?
o Top reasons why SEO is not used.
o SEO measurements that determine which SEO strategy is more or less effective.
o SEO Tips about the most frequently used search phrases.
o How test-proven are many SEO strategies and tactics?
o Which SEO strategies help choose your web domain name and your web domain registration provider.
o What visitor conversion rate is possible once SEO strategy and website development become noticed by internet search engines?

Learn how RIGHT NOW! Online video lets YOU control when and where YOU learn.

This 2 part 60 minute online class is loaded with valuable information.