Privacy policy statement for LearningViaVideo (LVV), a division of Direct Marketing Resources Group (DMRG), Raleigh, NC


During your visit, LVV/DMRG makes no attempt to identify you. Your visit is private. Parts of the website allow you to reveal yourself and sign in or log in.


You can choose to give LVV/DMRG information online in cases where LVV/DMRG may need to correspond with you, process a purchase order or provide training registration. LVV/DMRG provides no collected information to any business partners or affiliates of any kind. When contacted by LVV/DMRG, it will be direct contact by LVV/DMRG only, unless otherwise required by law.


LVV/DMRG suppresses every email address OR fax number which people request we not communicate with. We do not remove your information. It remains on file with a NO CONTACT flag.


When you do provide information, LVV/DMRG does not distribute or sell this individual information to any third party for any reason. LVV/DMRG maintains the confidentiality of your information. It will be used only to support your relationship with LVV/DMRG and LVV/DMRG products and services.


LVV/DMRG’s intention in sending periodic e-mail is to reach LVV/DMRG clients, businesses, organizations or individuals who LVV/DMRG has a prior relationship with. Examples could include past purchasers of – or inquirers about – LVV/DMRG services. Other examples are individuals (and their respective organizations) who have met LVV/DMRG staff and have expressed an interest in LVV/DMRG services.


Anyone can request to be removed from receiving LVV/DMRG communications via email, phone or fax. Simply use the Contact Page, send an email note or leave a voice mail message requesting no further contact. In the email subject line, enter “Privacy request“.


On rare occasions, if we miss your flagged removal request, nothing’s 100 percent perfect. Please accept our apologies “in advance” should this occur and understand it is not our intention to disregard your request… Thank you.