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"Going to Court" to settle conflicts or resolve disputes can be a big mistake!

"There ARE effective alternatives. Alternatives like Mediation are even being mandated by the Courts.

(Notice the spelling "ME-DIA-TION"… – not "mediTAtion"… – not "mediCAtion".)

o When you "Go To Court" all final decisions are made by strangers who don't care about your circumstances.
o "Going to Court" means both parties want to win and both want their "enemy" to lose.
o Ultimately only one party wins — there's no room for win-win.
o The Mediation Process is usually far more effective far less expensive and far less time consuming.

For a detailed formal definition of Mediation search online. Other terms for Mediation include "Conflict Resolution" or "Alternative Dispute Resolution".

Sit back and watch an depth interview with a former judge & certified mediator to learn about creative ways disputes are settled.

It's a relaxed easy-to-understand conversation — all in "plain English". There's no need to understand legal terminology.

See for yourself how conflict resolution is far more favorable compared to the typical "win-lose" outcome of Arbitration or Litigation.

Watch and learn how Mediation and Conflict Resolution are legal strategies commonly used for dealing with difficult people both in family court and divorce court — in legal separation in parental rights cases and more.

"Attend" right now at your convenience. No driving. No traffic.

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Learn how RIGHT NOW! Online video lets YOU control when and where YOU learn.

This 3 part 1.5 hour interview is loaded with valuable information.