Marketing Basics

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All Marketing Basics Videos are in production, are not yet available and will be added as produced. Includes multiple Marketing topics. Internet Marketing Videos topics listed separately. Series is sequenced in reverse order of marketing implementation. Begins with Marketing Results & ends with Planning. Includes Purchase Decision Making Process, Offers, Testing, Inbound/Outbound, Markets of Marketing, Marketing Planning & Profitability and Customer Lifetime Value Analysis. Major marketing elements, explored in a common sense, concrete perspective. In Production
Managing Marketing Results Being results-oriented is OK as long what results means makes sense. For Business, results mean making money. For Sports, results mean higher scores or faster times.  For Art, results mean understandable self-expression.  For Society, results mean lowering poverty or raising living standards.  Learn the dynamics of marketing results you probably never considered before. In Production
Internet Marketing
The Purchase Decision Making Process (PDMP) We're all buyers and sellers both at the same time. We all play these distinctly different roles everyday. Who knows the Buyer's role best? A closer look at what we already know. Are Sales and Purchases the same? How unique is our purchase decision making process? PDMP is virtually unexplored marketing territory. In Production
The Marketing Offer Why is having a marketing offer so important?  Offers provide marketers control of their marketing results. Expecting results to improve without varying the marketing offer is insane too.   Effective offers can mean the difference between success and failure, especially in competitive markets. Effective offers make successful marketing campaigns DRAMATICALLY more successful. In Production
Testing Direct Marketing offers the greatest opportunity to attain marketing results certainty. Direct Marketing is only genuine when testing is used. Without testing, whatever you think is direct marketing, is not. Without testing, direct marketing is just another piece of the ad mix guessing game. In Production
Inbound & Outbound Marketing In Marketing, two way communication takes the form of Outbound and Inbound Marketing. With gravity, what goes up, must come down. With Marketing, what goes OUT, must come back IN.  Inbound Outbound Marketing is a continuous cycle. Neither Inbound, nor Outbound have specific beginning or end. One morphs into other. In Production
The Markets of Marketing video looks at the nature of The Marketplace. No market is singular. All markets are plural. There are plenty of markets in The Market. Some are duplicates. Some are exclusive. Some have profiles, some have purchase history data, (although many don't). Targeting the right market often accounts for well over 50% of marketing success… or failure. In Production
Markets of Marketing – 8020 Rule Incredible how consistently the 80 20 Rule applies to Business and Marketing. 80% of sales revenues typically come from 20% of customers. That's why customer relationship management is so critical. In-depth look at why knowing which customers are good, better and best is mandatory. How to predict which customers – new or old – will be good, better or best? In Production
Markets and Offers Where is less actually more than more? Did you guess in Marketing? Learn how even mass marketing can succeed satisfying only a small portion of The Marketplace. Which offers work best with the best, most responsive market segments. In Production
Customer Lifetime Value Everyone wants to keep existing customers. Unfortunately, not enough businesses have retention strategies. Are you organized only for attracting new customers or retaining existing customers? Marketing focused primarily to acquire new customers can wind up generating too many one-time buyers. Knowing your customers' lifetime value (CLV) helps avoid a dangerous business imbalance. In Production
Marketing Planning  Marketing plans are often highly detailed, heavily researched and… hopefully, well written reports. Evaluated by many inside and possibly outside the organization. An essential communication document for businesses regardless of size. Don't plan to fail by failing to plan. In Production
Profitable Marketing. Why can't most business measure their profits? Simple. They don't know how. Knowing when, where and whether a business makes a profit seems important, right? Unfortunately, for many businesses, measuring profit depends on a series of unknown numbers beyond revenues and expenses. Not measuring profits or profit potential is high risk business behavior. In Production
And even more Marketing videos being planned or in production
Direct Marketing Fundamentals What is Direct Marketing? Are Direct Marketing and Direct Response different or the same? Is Direct Marketing mostly about Direct Mail… or more? Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Mail Order, Target Marketing, Direct Response Advertising… all sound the same. Are they? Is Internet Marketing part of Direct Marketing? These questions and more are covered in this fundamentals class. In Production
Direct Mail Copywriting Historically, all forms of Direct Marketing communications evolved from direct mail marketing. So Direct mail copywriting is as much about copywriting for any form of Direct Marketing as it is about Direct Mail copywriting. Also covers other direct creative strategies. Half day course, approx. 3.5 hours in 8 parts. In Production
Future video topics will be listed here In Production
Future video topics will be listed here In Production

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