Links to some helpful resources and references online. Hopefully, most of them are still valid. If not, please use the Contact page to let us know... or suggest some we should add.
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Newly added – Digital Marketing For Business Conference Link | Victor Font Link | Peter Greijn Link
Phil Buckley – Online Marketing Evangelist Link | Link name to be added here Link | Link name to be added here Here Link
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Bill Moyers Link ||| Bill Moyers Free Speech For Sale Link ||| Bill Moyers Journal Link
Chief Marketer Link ||| Computer Video Editing Magazine Link ||| Creative Planet Network Link
Delicious Link ||| Digital Producer Link ||| DVPA Link
FADE IN Magazine Link ||| FastCompany Link ||| Film Maker Magazine Link
Food, Inc. ||| TakePart Link ||| GaryDavis Presents Link ||| Greenville South Carolina Link"
Gustave Whitehead Whitehead reportedly flew several times in his own powered aircraft designs in 1901 and 1902, before the Wright brothers historic 1903 flights near Kitty Hawk. Link ||| Internet Archive Link ||| Lawrence Harte – Communication Expert Link
Living Arts College – Video Training Link ||| National Science Foundation – Multimedia Gallery Link ||| NC Victim Assistance Network Link
North Carolina's Small Business and Technology Development Center has helped North Carolina businesses grow and create new jobs since 1984. Link ||| Protective Service Agency Link ||| QIC Learning Link
Science Magazine Videos Link ||| Seth Godin is an entrepreneur and blogger who thinks about the marketing of ideas in the digital age. Link ||| Seth Godin: Book: Permission Marketing – 1st 4 chapters free. Link
Seth Godin: How to get your ideas to spread Link ||| Seth Godin: Unleashing The Idea Virus Link ||| Sounds Effects – free Link
TED: Ideas worth spreading Link ||| Testing – Should we trust surveys and Polls? Link ||| Triangle Link
Triangle Marketing Association Link ||| Video FAQs Sample Link ||| Video Maker Link
Video University Link ||| WordPress Blog Tool and Weblog Platform Link ||| Kyle A. Wehmann Link