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Internet Marketing Seminar  The Internet now outranks TV, radio, & print as the most used marketing strategy for business, for brands,  and organizations worldwide. Knowing how to implement online marketing strategies is essential for commercial enterprises from micro, small and medium to multi-billion-dollar giants.  Internet Marketing is a MUST HAVE strategy for all marketing. Half-day seminar in easy-to-watch segments.
SEO Seminar  Half-day seminar on Search Engine Optimization, SEO, search engines and SEO strategies – all help make Internet Marketing as profitable as possible.  Covers multitude of topics including Google Search, algorithms, optimized sites, organic versus paid results, Canonical definitions and tons more. View in easy-to-watch segments.
Social Media Marketing Seminar half day seminar on Social Media Marketing. Reviews wide range of topics.  Social Media like Google, YouTube, Twitter, blogging, Reddit and more. What is Twitter? What is Social Media? If you're asking these questions, this in-depth seminar is perfect for net newcomers" just getting started. View in easy-to-watch segments."
SEO Expert #1 Interview – Reviews SEO definition, how SEO impacts building websites, organic and paid search, metadata tips & how search engines do what they do. Online marketing insights about optimization, web content, conversions and the importance of domain names. Approx 60 min.
SEO Expert #2 Interview  Starts with a discussion about integration of internet marketing and traditional marketing strategies.  Traditional marketing strategies like direct response, lead generation, direct marketing are discussed in relation to internet marketing. Approx 60 min.
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