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Millions of foreclosed homes are still available at below-market prices.

But time is running out..

Buying foreclosed homes requires special housing market knowledge. Here's why:

Factors to consider relative to return on investment in the foreclosure housing market.
o The pace of foreclosures has eased — there's fewer foreclosures for sale.
o Existing home price increases increase foreclosure pricing too.
o Housing demand continues to be restrained by bank mortgage lending policies.
o While banks earn records profits there's little pressure to sell-off foreclosed homes at a loss.
o Population increases and wage decreases both increase demand for affordable housing.
o Constructing new homes -priced below $200K -has become unprofitable.

How does this affect buying a foreclosed home?
o Thousands of new households are established every day.
o New home build rates are much lower.
o More regulations protect homeowners from foreclosure – further reducing supply.
o Decreasing supply increases both prices and demand for remaining foreclosures.

Remaining foreclosed homes are selling every day!!
o Time to learn the ins and outs of buying a foreclosed home from experienced practitioners.

It's not too late. Learn how to distinguish between:
o public foreclosure auctions versus auction-house type auctions.
o Buying short sales.
o What does “pre foreclosure” mean?
o Buying "bank-owned" foreclosures.

Learn how RIGHT NOW! Online video lets YOU control when and where YOU learn.

This 6 part 2.5 hour online interview is loaded with valuable information.