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O Direct Mail Copywriting  over 3 hrs long.    o Pay Per View content available in two main parts
o Free Introduction = Longer Sample.           available on 2 DVD’s – sold separately:


DVD 1 Copywriting
Three parts A+B+C = 1hr 12 minutes total.
DVD 2 Copywriting
Four parts D+E+F+G = 2hrs 6 minutes
DVD 1 Part A – 25 minutes DVD 2 Part D – 35 minutes
o Creative definitions o Closing Direct Mail Letters
o Different meanings of Creative o Ending Direct Mail Letters
o Person To Person o Personalization
o The Direct Mail Package
o Before You Start Writing DVD 2 Part E – 32 minutes
o Copywriter's Kit o Direct Mail Package Elements
o Direct Mail Copy Length o The Direct Mail Envelope
o Response Devices and Order Forms
DVD 1 – Part B – 21 minutes o Post Cards & Self Mail Formats
o Long Versus ShortCopy
o Before You Start Writing DVD 2 Part F – 28 minutes
o Starting Direct Mail Letters o Creative "musts" for Direct Mail Pieces
opening paragraphs o Double Duty Design
The Johnson Box DVD 2 Part G – 31 minutes
o Legal & BTB Copy
DVD 1 – Part C – 26 minutes o It's Not Creative If It Doesn't Sell
o Copywriting Formulas o Maximarketing Quotes
o Variations of AIDA formula o David Ogilvy Quotes
o Letter Start Samples o Who Wins? Who Loses?
o Letter Copy – checklist End of DVD 2
o Editing Letter Copy
End of DVD 1