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Advice about starting and planning a business is too often about what to do rather than HOW to do what to do..

Here's typical advice about starting a business:

"Find people interested in your product. Then figure out how to get them to invest in your product."

"Find the group"?… OK HOW is that done?
"figure out how"?… Again HOW is this done?
"invest" rather than "purchase"? HOW significant is the difference?

More not-so-helpful advice:
"Become an expert on your target audience."
"How does your target audience like to communicate?"
"What are the target audience's concerns?"
"What messages does the target audience need to hear?"

This is all about > WHAT HOW < it is done.

Start-up entrepreneurs need to know:
o HOW to write a business plan… HOW to manage budgets.
o How to manage money… How to get financing… How to practice entrepreneurship.

Defining target audiences is less important than knowing key metrics of business growth and survival.
o How much target audience is affordable to communicate with?
o How to maximize prospect-to-customer and repeat customer conversions.
o HOW to determine YOUR key performance indicators – KPI.

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